Guerlain Eau de Shalimar

Guerlain Eau de Shalimar

It’s my second blog birthday today! I never thought I’d be so into beauty blogging but I feel like I found my rhythm in year 2 and I’m going and going. I want to thank every reader, especially the regulars, and everyone who likes or comments on my posts. You keep me going. ❤

Today I would like to show you the beauty I got for X-mas:


This is Eau de Shalimar Edition Charms EdT by Guerlain! Isn’t it soooo pretty?

Before I go into how it smells I’d like to list all the versions of Shalimar that I know of, to keep confusion to a minimum.

First there’s Shalimar, the original perfume from 1925. Today it’s available (in reformulated versions) as Extrait, EdP and EdT. Shalimar comes in blueish bottles, the juice is yellow (EdT is lighter). Shalimar is a vanille perfume, a classic oriental. The top notes (bergamotte etc) are pretty harsh in my opinion but after half an hour to an hour the vanille sets in and it is so gorgeous and cozy. I don’t find it old fashioned at all, I also don’t find it too strong although it’s pretty intense and maybe not for everyday wear.

However lots of people have found it too strong for them, which spawned the first Shalimar flanker, Shalimar Light. That one was discontinued and replaced by Shalimar Legere, which is also discontinued by now. Then in 2008 Guerlain launched Eau de Shalimar. Finding differences between these three is like splitting hairs. Some say there are some, ohers put it down not to difference in formulas, but to difference in batches. Basically they are the same perfume and luckily, Eau de Shalimar has not been discontinued yet. Eau de Shalimar usually comes in a see through bottle with a blue stopper, the juice is uncolored or very light.

The one I have up there, Edition Charms, was a limited Edition in 2010 and is not produced anymore. The juice is the same as in the regular bottle of Eau de Shalimar, though. It’s only a different bottle.

After that, there has been a new set of flankers, the Parfum Initial ones. These are visually set apart from the other Shalimars: they are pink. There were EdP, EdT and an even weaker L’Eau. They were supposed to be the more accessible version of Shalimar for the current generation. Personally, I found the old Shalimar more accessible, but that’s of course subjective. By now I think the whole set has been discontinued  and is about to be replaced by a new flanker, called Soufflé. Here in Austria the new ones are not yet available and the Initial are still in stores. I’m sort of waiting to see if they go on sale soon. If there’s an Initial you can’t live without, get it soon! (I’m not completely sure if all of them are going to be discontinued, though.)

Of these I tried all except the new Soufflé and the extrait. I like them all.

There are even more Shalimars, but not so easily available: Shalimar Nuit de Indes – released in 2014, this is the normal Shalimar in a limited bottle; then there is Shalimar Ode a la Vanille in two versions: Madagascar and Mexico. I haven’t smelled these yet, but they sound delicious. These are flankers, not the original Shalimar.

Phew. So these are the Shalimars I currently know of! Quite a few, although other perfume brands have worse flankeritis. Yes, I love Shalimar, why do you ask? XD

Back to the one bottle I now own:


Back of the packaging.



What does it smell like? Shalimar, in a very gentle and light version. I have the EdT of Eau de Shalimar, among the Editions Charms there was also an EdP, but I don’t know if that concentration is normally available. My Eau de Shalimar starts with a punch of citrus peel, but not the cute ones like mandarin, it’s all bergamotte and such. Then it settles down much faster than Shalimar (which on me is pretty harsh for almost an hour) and I’m left with the vanilla. It smells a lot like the christmas pastry “Vanillekipferl” to me. But it’s not just sweet; there’s an accompanying smell that gives it a little edge. Iris, maybe? It’s not all warm. Also the vanilla isn’t cloying or too strong. Eau de Shalimar is really a very gentle Shalimar, while being recognisably Shalimar.


So pretty! XD The charm is held by the stopper and goes off and on with it.


Have you tried a Shalimar? Love, hate?


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