Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Crisp Sorbet

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Crisp Sorbet


Happy Krampus day! Today I want to show you my favorite lip gloss: Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss in Crisp Sorbet 055. First off, the packaging is already so great. Not only does it have a pretty feather (or is it a flower?) on, it’s a nice sturdy tube that closes with a satisfying click.


Regular applicator.


Swatch. It’s a colorless gloss with lots of fine coral/pink shimmer.

The gloss is slightly tacky on the lips, but I like that. For a lipgloss it is long lasting, it even survives a small meal. I like using it in the winter because when it’s really dark I start reaching for more shimmer and this matches nicely to my Terracotta blush highlighter. But also because I feel like it isn’t drying.

It has a slight smell, but I can’t detect it after application. It’s nowhere near as nasty as the smell of YSL’s Gloss Voluptรฉ.

The one thing I hate about lipgloss is how my hair always sticks to it. So I mostly wear it when I got my hair in a bun or pony tail. That’s the reason you don’t see a lot of lip gloss on here. But the hair issue is really the only downside to this lovely Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss.

Availability: The Glassy Gloss are still available, but I’m not sure about the particular color.


9 thoughts on “Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Crisp Sorbet

        1. heh that’s what I get for having different conversations at the same time. XD but I agree, Vengeful Red is incredibly wearable.
          but the rouge bunny rouge gloss also works universally. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          1. Haha! No problem lovely! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š
            I have never tried anything from RBR… But I quite have some items, especially some eyeshadows, I’m particularly interested in and really want to try! โ˜บ๏ธ
            Wishing you a great start of the week!
            Lots of xx

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