more on Madame Glamour

more on Madame Glamour

This week the hits on my previous post about Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour have been surging up. This was unexpected enough to investigate. Turns out some newspapers have been picking up on the similarity (1, 2), which in turn led to people googling the issue and landing here. Hi, everyone! I hope you enjoy your stay.


The Perfume Shrine has posted an amazing smackdown about the interview portion in the Daily Mail article linked above. I recommend reading it, it’s eye opening.*

Honestly I am a bit surprised this has become a topic now. Madame Glamour has been out since 2011 and I’m certainly not the first person to make the connection. Maybe it’s the normal holiday shopping craze? But honestly if it’s for a present I would opt for the expensive version. Luxury cosmetics is not much different from cars. It’s not the car you buy, it’s the feeling. XD For personal use I opt for the cheap version, because as I already said before I cannot tell the scents apart. Both perfumes last about ten hours on me. Funny thing is, during testing I did somehow think Chanel was stronger, but I’m pretty sure that was brand bias since I knew which perfume was on which wrist. Or maybe I had sprayed more.

*And as a side note I don’t understand the whole “synthetic is worse” spiel at all. It’s as if people are forgetting that it’s the synthetics that made modern perfume in the first place? What about Vanillin, about Aldehydes? Fruity notes, excluding citrus oils, are impossible to create from real fruit. Iris and many other flowers notes are too expensive to create from the flower. And so on.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If anyone’s waiting for my Black Friday haul, I bought two dresses and absolutely no cosmetics. My current plan is to wait for post Holiday sales or Spring Collections, whichever comes first. 😉


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