Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour

Yes, Lidl, as in the German grocery discounter chain.


Shown: Suddenly Madame Glamour EdP 50 ml.

Lidl is known for having very good knock off perfumes. Madame Glamour, for example, is none other than Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I tested them and I cannot tell them apart. So I bought the Lidl variant for € 3,99. 🙂

And yes, this is in fact perfectly legal. You see, names and brands are trademarked, bottle shapes can be protected, brand new molecules may be patented, but a smell in and on itself can not be put under legal protection. Believe me, they tried. Someone wanted to get “the smell of grass” trademarked. GRASS! You see it’s better for everyone involved (except maybe evil companies) that smell is unprotected by immaterial property law.

So if I created Chanel No 5 in my own lab and then sold it in No 5 bottles and claimed to be Chanel, that would be fraud. But using the same juice and a different bottle and calling it “Eau de Dandygal” is a-ok. (Lidl’s variant of No 5 is called Woman I btw).

I’m sure this is why some perfume bottles have these unusual shapes. And this was your legal lesson for today. Damn, now I really want an Eau de Dandygal.


Back to the perfume at hand:

If you know what Coco Mademoiselle smells like you can stop reading here. 🙂 It starts with a burst of citrus. Usually I don’t like a perfume because of the bergamot, I like it despite of it. But here I absolutely love the citrus opening. Very delightful. Sadly it lasts only a moment before the flowers set in. But these are not the massive flowers we know from the current trend. It smells elegant and classic to me, never too loud. A little bit old fashioned maybe. This stage lasts for a few hours. The drydown is pretty herbal, a little musky, very sexy to me (ymmv). The perfume lasts all day, on clothes even longer. I think this is the perfect anti-gourmand.


Ingredients of Suddenly Madame Glamour.


In a nutshell:

1. If you have a local Lidl, do check out the perfume selection. Cheap != bad.

2. Coco Mademoiselle is a delight in a sea of sugary perfume.


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