MAC Keepsakes Studio Brush Kit

MAC Keepsakes Studio Brush Kit

The MAC Keepsakes Holiday Collection includes three brush sets, the studio set, a mineralize set (those are the duofibre brushes), and a third set with two-sided brushes. I chose the studio brush kit, since it had brushes I already wanted.


Some say the Heirloom Mix/Keepsakes Collection has a cheap looking design. Honestly, I think it’s very pretty.


Brushes included: 190SE Foundation brush, 129SE Powder/Blush brush, 209SE Eye Liner brush, 213SE Fluff brush and 224SE Tapered Blending brush

The SE brushes are shorter than the regular ones, also they don’t always have the same type of bristles as the regular ones. But the bristles in the fluffy eye brushes and the blush brush here are the same as in the regular MAC 217 brush. I haven’t tried these yet, but I was very happy with my eye brush set from last year. I’m sure these are lovely too.


The bag holds these brushes, and then some. Very useful and I like that the bags are long enough for regular size brushes as well. Last year’s bag holds most of my brushes that aren’t in heavy rotation.

The MAC Holiday collection has a lot of pretties included. Luckily there are quite a few things from the regular lineup (like the eyeliners and many eyeshadows in the kits). I really like the Viva Glam lip palette and also the Keepsakes lip bag with Ruby Woo in it. If only money grew on trees.


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