L’Oreal Beige Trench

L’Oreal Beige Trench


Today I have a drugstore eyeshadow quad for you: L’Oreal Beige Trench. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t written about it before, I’ve had it for quite a while.


It’s a quad with sort of neutral colors, but since they are all high in shimmer, I wouldn’t call them nude.


Swatch. There’s a dark brown, a goldenish beige, a bronze and a beige so light it looks almost white. The colors can be used in many combinations, but again, they are all very shimmery.


For comparison, here’s the YSL Palette Fetiche again.


Fetiche swatches on their own.


And Fetiche as dots next to the Beige Trench swatches. Three colors are pretty similar. The biggest difference is in the dark brown, since L’Oreal is so shimmery it looks lighter. Still, I think for those three colors Beige Trench is an okay dupe. Qualitywise it can’t keep up with Fetiche, of course. The L’Oreal quad applies okay, but the glitter feels gritty on my lids, there is fall out, and it only lasts a few hours without creasing on me. But if you’re looking for a nice bronze and some additional colors, this palette is a good start.


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