Bobbi Brown Blush Desert Pink

Bobbi Brown Blush Desert Pink


Today I want to show you a staple in my makeup stash: the Bobbi Brown powder blush in Desert Pink 18. Desert Pink is in the regular line up, not limited (there’s also a desert rose, these are different colors).


The blush has no shimmer whatsoever. It is finely milled and easy to apply.


Finger swatch. This blush can be worn as light or strong as one wishes.

A note on the color: I am about to say that these pics pull blue and it is more yellow than it appears here. I’ve said this several times on this blog before, thinking my camera is at fault. However recently in art class I learned that “exact color on screen is an illusion” because every screen shows color differently. Despite this being super obvious it never occurred to me that my screen could be at fault here! So please always take swatches with a grain of salt.

The color is a dusty neutral pink, a pretty universal color that will work on many skin tones.

Quality is great. The blush lasts all day on me.

I think it’s a good blush to start with. You don’t need to be as careful with brushes or blending, since it pretty much blends itself.


3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Blush Desert Pink

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been considering this shade by Bobbi Brown and your review was helpful.

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my most recent post. 🙂


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