My Skincare Emergency Helpers

My Skincare Emergency Helpers

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To celebrate I thought I’d write about my SOS skincare. (Sorry if you wanted a giveaway – I don’t have the time.) Sometimes skin is just not behaving. Be it acne, allergic reactions or annoying dryness, there are all sorts of skin problems that might pop up or get worse than usual when skin is “angry”. Sometimes, when you’re really lucky you get all of them at once! 😐

And then it’s time to step back from all the fancy stuff and elaborate skin care routine and reach for the SOS helpers. (Please note I can only write about what works for me here. I cannot guarantee it’ll work on everyone.)


Yes, it’s all La Roche Posay. While I like many skin care brands, I have found that when worse comes to worst, I reach for LRP.

Starting from the smallest: It’s a sample of Effaclar Duo. You’re not allowed to be a blogger if you don’t at least own a small tube of it. 😉 Kidding, but there is a reason it’s so popular among bloggers and that is because it’s quite strong and shows visible effects in a matter of days. The Effaclar Duo is for acne, especially for the really big lumps deep inside the skin. It’s a strong exfoliant. This means while using this you’ll have a worse pizzaface than usual. While it seems as if it pulls the pimples to the surface, it really exfoliates and removes the top layers of the skin, so what was deep down before is on top now. That doesn’t sound so great, but it is a lot better than having massive lumps deep down for weeks!

When I use Effaclar Duo my skin starts shedding a whole lot more and I think it helps with the healing process. But it also means there’ll be dry pieces of skin every day. I tried to put a thin layer of this all over my face a few times thinking it would help prevent more acne. That did not work out so well for me. My face was red and even swollen all over and then shedding for two weeks. This is simply too strong for me, so I only use it on the lumps in very small amounts. Some bloggers report using it all over; I guess it depends on how sensitive you are. I still have the old version, I don’t know how the new version differs.


The middle tube is Cicaplast. This is my answer to pretty much every skin problem. It’s a soothing balm that helps with healing and calming down the skin. It was created to be used after chemical peels, but you can use it whenever. When my skin is really bad I use it instead of moisturizer and primer, but it’s not either. It’s more a salve and not made to be used every day. Emergency only. For me, it helps calm down and heal up pimples, angry red skin, cracked lips, you name it. It even works on small wounds (don’t use Effaclar Duo on wounds!). While I’d use the aggressive Effaclar Duo only at night or when I’m staying in, I’ll use Cicaplast evenings and mornings. Immediately after application my skin is redder, but then it settles down. It’s not really a good primer unless your skin is very dry. When I wear it under makeup I usually leave the nose or it’ll get too shiny.


And last is a cleanser, the Toleriane cleansing milk. It’s a gentle cleanser made to not aggravate the skin any further (very important for people with allergic skin problems and similar things). The bottle also claims it can be used for makeup removal all over including eyes. Well, I tried it and it didn’t work so well. It didn’t get the makeup off very well and it burned in my eyes. Funny that such a gentle cleanser burns, but it is gentle as long as I keep it away from eyes. (For gentle makeup removal try Garnier Micellar Cleanser instead.) That’s why I use this only on makeup free skin.

Before I got into makeup I used the same products morning and evening, but when I got into makeup I noticed two things: first, that strong cleansers made my skin red, which fades later but is annoying when putting on makeup. You don’t know if you’ve used too much, too little etc. And secondly, my skin seems to have a yo-yo effect. The stronger the cleanser is, the more sebum my skin produces afterwards. And that is noticeable in how oily and shiny my skin gets. Using a gentle cleanser like Toleriane in the morning makes my makeup last longer. So my philosophy to skin care became: gentle in the morning and stronger in the evening. The only times I use Toleriane morning AND evening is when my skin is so bad I don’t want to irritate it any further.


So these are my SOS skin care helpers, may you never need them. All of them are fragrance free and paraben free.

What are your favored helpers, tips, approaches?

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