YSL Gloss Volupté Beige Nu

YSL Gloss Volupté Beige Nu


The last item I picked up from YSL‘s current fall collection was the Gloss Volupté Pure in 210 Beige Nu. There are several more lip products, beiges and browns and whatnot. There’s one for everyone. This pick is unusual for me for two reasons: firstly I am not one for gloss. I do own glosses, but I am usually more into lipsticks. Secondly I am wary of anything with “beige” in the name. Beiges and nudes are hard to pull off for me, I feel like they pale me down too much. But as you can see up there, Beige Nu isn’t all that beige. It’s more a mauvey, dusty pink.


The curvy applicator. It’s actually shaped like lips.


Finally, a swatch. This gloss is completely without sparkle. What you see in the swatch is simply light reflection from the glossyness.

I like the color on my lips. It’s nude, but not paled down. I also really like the shiny look without any shimmer. I feel like this gloss makes my lips look bigger, which is always a welcome effect.

Weartime is okay for a gloss; it doesn’t survive drinking.

And this is the part where you can tell it’s my first ever YSL gloss: Man, that thing is perfumed! At first I didn’t realize where the smell came from and went like “what the hell is this?”. It’s very strong and fruity. During testing I got some of it into my mouth and it has a strong taste as well. Do you know that feeling when you’ve eaten pineapple and your mouth is all prickly? That’s what this gloss is like. I am not entirely sure if this is the case for everyone, I might be allergic to it? But I’ve seen many a blogger complaining about the smell at least.

So a huge plus for the color and look, but a huge minus for smell and feel. I won’t buy another YSL gloss. (I have not had this reaction to any other of their lip products, be it lipsticks, the kiss & blush or the vernis a levres.) I’m sad about it, because colorwise this would be a wonderful every day item. But I can’t deal with a prickly mouth every day. And this is why makeup and skin care should be unscented. If I want to smell like YSL, I’ll douse myself in their perfume!


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