Maybelline Color Drama Berry Much

Maybelline Color Drama Berry Much


Remember when I said I had a really hard time walking past the Maybelline counter when there’s new things? Yeah. Shown here is the new lip crayon color drama. They call it an intense velvet lip pencil and I can agree that the color is intense and the finish is indeed velvet, as in matte. The color range is small, but useful. That I picked 310 Berry Me is completely the fault of Lisa Eldridge.


Swatch time. This pic was taken in the shade.


In direct sunlight. No shimmer whatsoever.

The texture is the trendy lightweight matte we currently see everywhere. I could not feel it on my lips at all. Lasting power was good, but after a meal I had to reapply. Might not be necessary with the other, lighter colors.

I have not sharpened mine yet, but it looks like standard big pencil size, should work with regular sharpeners. Only downside in my opinion is that it smells exactly like school supplies.

Big recommendation.


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