My Guerlain Quads

My Guerlain Quads

I was digging through my makeup drawers for an upcoming post and found my Guerlain quads, so I decided to make a post for all of them. Sadly, they were all limited editions.


I have three: On top you see 13 Capri from the lovely Emilio Pucci Collection with the nice darker packaging. Left is 10 Les Ombres de Nuit, which was part of a holiday collection I think, and bottom right is 503 Les Tendres from this year’s spring collection.


Swatches in the shade: first is Les Ombres de Nuit, then Les Tendres and last is Capri.


Swatches in direct sunlight.


Detail shot to show the mint of Les Tendres better (right on top).

They all have great quality and last a lot better on my lids than most eyeshadows. I’ve had Les Ombres de Nuit the longest, so it has seen the most use, but Les Tendres has proven to be incredibly wearable. The taupe (third color from top in the pic above) in it just goes with everything.

If you haven’t tried Guerlain eyeshadows yet, I highly recommend them. At the moment they have quads, duos and six color palettes (sixts?). They used to have monos, but they weren’t as good imho. However I have seen lots of the regular quads on sale the last few months, which could be a precursor to replacement. Many high end brands have replaced their quads or quints this year with better textures, but I do not know how you could make Guerlain quads better.

The autumn collection includes quads again, there’s a beautiful taupey/khaki one.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely week. There should be an autumn favorites post sometime soonish.


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