Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream

I have given the Diadermine Lift+ Color Correction CC Cream to my older sister. She has been using it ever since and so I thought I’d make a post about her thoughts on it.


Like I wrote before, this cream claims to be a day cream and a makeup base, putting it into the primer category of CC Creams. It also claims to help with pigmentation and to be “ultra” tightening.


It comes out almost colorless, unlike some other CC creams, which tend to have a visible color tint.


Spread out you can barely see it, but it has a slight pink shimmer. Since both shimmer and pigmentation are so low, it would work with all skin tones.

What my sister says:

She likes to apply it in the morning, then she doesn’t need any other moisturizer. She likes the way it looks on skin, not noticable but it does give a glow. Her favorite part is that she says her face tightens with this on, like there is less sagging. (I don’t know where my sis thinks there is sagging on her face, but it’s what she said.)

My sister also uses Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and she says those two are pretty similar.

And last, she also complains that there is no SPF in it. She doesn’t want to put yet another layer on. I very much agree about the SPF. If you claim to reduce pigmentation you can put SPF in your cream.

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