Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette

Now this is an old LE palette, but Bobbi Brown totally reuse colors and some of these might even be in the regular range, so I hope my swatches aren’t completely useless.


Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette


Blurry pic of the back. Colors included are: Navajo, Twilight, Pink Dusk, Water Color Pink, Twilight Pink, Cement, Dusk and Chocolate Mauve.


Look at the colors in the reflection, they are more true to real life than the front part of the pic.

The palette also includes a double ended brush. I never quite found out how to properly use the flat, orange one.


Swatches. Because I’m dumb I didn’t swatch first row, then second row, I swatched top, bottom, top bottom. So the colors are: Navajo, Twilight Pink, Twilight, Cement (regular range), Pink Dusk, Dusk, Water Color Pink (also included in the new smokey nudes palette!), and Chocolate Mauve.

Do not try to find Navajo. Navajo is invisible. The light shimmery color you see on top is Twilight Pink.


Second swatch, this time in direct sunlight.

The two swatches atop Chocolate Mauve, Dusk and Water Color Pink, are what Bobbi Brown call Sparkle Eye Shadow. That’s Bobbi Brown for “no pigment”. But the others aren’t all that pigmented either. Lasting power is terrible. The only way to get them to stick was to put my Wunderwuzzi underneath (that would be the Estee Lauder Cream Eyeshadow).

Frankly, I bought this when I was young and unexperienced and didn’t know how to swatch before a buy. I haven’t gotten any Bobbi Brown powder shadows since. Imho the creams are much better.


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