YSL Fall 2014: Palette Fetiche

YSL Fall 2014: Palette Fetiche


This is the Palette Fetiche from YSL‘s fall 2014 collection. It comes in a sweet leather design.


It’s a mostly brown palette with a dark blue accent.


swatches in the shade: bronzey brown, beige, dark brown, teal blue and black.


same swatches in direct sunlight. the first two colors are the most shimmery, the black (meant to be a liner) does not have shimmer.

I love the versatiliy. While this is not a palette you would reach for a nude look, it can be used for more subtle looks or full on drama. I also love that all colors are well pigmented. They apply smoothly and don’t create fallout.

YSL’s new eyeshadows are really a great improvement and imho among the best out there.


Color comparison to last year’s fall palette in Classy. There are no identical colors but you can’t deny they come from the same idea.


Overall I think YSL’s fall collection is my favorite. I’m still pondering the Fuchsia Fetiche lipstick. It’s such a gorgeous formula and color (brighter than Chanel’s L’Exuberante, even) but on the other hand how often am I going to wear that?


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