Guerlain Shine Automatique Rouge De Damas

Guerlain Shine Automatique Rouge De Damas


These summer sales might be the death of me (or, more accurate, my wallet). So far I picked up a hand cream with SPF 50 by Alessandro, two  Chromagraphic pencils by MAC, a nail polish and a lipstick by Guerlain. Today I only have swatches of the lipstick for you, other swatches will follow sometime later.


This is the Shine Automatique in Rouge de Damas 221 by Guerlain. The Shine Automatiques were added after the Rouge Automatiques as the shinier variant. You can see in the bullet that it has some sparkle.


Luckily it does not apply as uber sparkly. It’s a sheer red with shimmer. It’s sheer enough and the shimmer is subtle enough to make this classy instead of gaudy. It gives off more color than the average Rouge Coco Shine (except for some of the new ones which are very pigmented) and it’s easy to apply. It does not survive a meal, but it left a veeeery subtle stain. I didn’t notice it did until I took my makeup off but I guess it left me looking a little livelier. Also it wears off evenly, a huge plus in my books.

My wallet weeps but I’m glad I picked it up. Perfect summer red.


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