Douglas Box of Beauty Juni 2014

Douglas Box of Beauty Juni 2014

This is how you beauty box:



As an extra I received a sample of a Terry de Gunzburg perfume, Bleu Paradis.


The actual box.


A sample of Artdeco nail growth activator.


Nivea sun protect & bronze sun screen SPF 30: hurray, I’ve been hoping for sun screen, because I was about to run out!


Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme eau de parfum. A big box for a small sample, haha. It’s a sweet oriental, I like it.


Annemarie Börlind Lifting Serum: a 10 ml sample.


And finally, Shiseido laquer gloss in baby doll (PK 304)!


Swatch! It’s a subtle color on the lips and it feels great.


The douglas box is still not a subscription box in Austria. It is available six times a year and everytime you have to make the conscious decision to order it (and then you have to be lucky enough to get it, it is very limited). I think that and the low price of 10 € including shipping makes it the best box available in Austria. Plus the fact that out of the three boxes I ordered so far, none contained hair products! (There was at least one box that I didn’t order because it said there was going to be shampoo in, so the infos you get beforehand are pretty useful as well).

Every other box service, take notes!


4 thoughts on “Douglas Box of Beauty Juni 2014

    1. they do! in germany it’s a subscription box, in austria you have to order every single box (I like that better, less product pileup). I don’t know if it’s available anywhere else.


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