Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges

I have two Pot Rouges by Bobbi Brown and I’ve been meaning to show them here for a long time. It took a while because they are really hard to photograph. Finally I have pics that I am satisfied with.


My two colors are 6 Powder Pink and 3 Blushed Rose. The packaging has changed by now but the colors stayed the same.


Top Powder Pink, bottom Blushed Rose.


And swatches! Again Powder Pink and underneath Blushed Rose. Powder Pink isn’t all that pink (there’s a pot rouge called Pale Pink if that’s what you’re looking for), both colors are very neutral and very wearable. The SA didn’t even want to sell Blushed Rose to me, she said it was too dark for me. I don’t agree, in fact I think Blushed Rose is the most natural looking color I own. It is pretty much the color of my real flush. My skin isn’t very pigmented so when I blush I BLUSH!

Powder Pink somehow comes out looking darker than it is in this swatch but it was still the best pic (out of what feels like a hundred of pics).

These are creamy blushes with a dewy finish. They are similar to the MAC casual colors. For me they work well on lips and cheeks. I prefer applying them with a brush on the cheeks, they are harder to blend with fingers.

All in all the Pot Rouges are one of Bobbi Brown’s best products. I recommend them if dewy cheeks are your thing. (If you prefer matte, check out YSL’s new Kiss & Blush, the colors are pretty similar.)


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