Dior Transat: Sundeck & Captain

Dior Transat: Sundeck & Captain

Remember when I was trying to talk myself out of the Sundeck quint?


Yeah. I think the SA actually won a bet there. I’ve been prowling the Dior counter for weeks.

Take a look at the beauty that is Dior 5 Coleurs Transat Edition Sundeck 564.


Swatches! Try to spot the lightest color! These are a sweet mix of mattes and shimmers. The orange is in fact more shocking than in this picture, it is really orange and very pigmented. In fact, all of these are creamy and pigmented. I experienced no fallout upon application. So far, I have used the dark color and the orange as liners and they stayed put. On my lid the colors don’t stay – it’s currently hot and my lids are oily. But even when fading they looked pretty cool. I am in love.


Color comparison to Estee Lauder’s Batik Sun. No dupes. All Estee Lauder colors here have a golden shimmer, while in the Dior palette the darkest, the orange and the lightest are mostly matte.


Comparison to Dior’s Golden Flower. All Golden Flower colors are high in shimmer. The bronze color in these two is in fact identical. The others differ in level of shimmer – the lightest colors of the palettes might look similar here, but they are very different when applied. Unlike the right top color of Golden Flower, the right bottom color of Sundeck has actual pigmentation.


tl;dr: the colors of Sundeck are super cool.



I also picked up the Captain 750 nail polish. It comes with a nail file and stickers. All three colors are amazing, but I didn’t have a regular red yet, so Captain was my pick.


6 thoughts on “Dior Transat: Sundeck & Captain

    1. I haven’t used them yet, or there would be photographical evidence. Some of the stickers look too big for my nails. I’m not sure if the whole thing will work out.


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