Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Ambre Doré

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Ambre Doré


This was my only must have from the current Chanel Summer Collection, reflets d’été de chanel. However, this one is not listed as limited edition, so there’s no real need to hurry. The Illusion d’ombres are also extremely pretty, but the two listed as LE are almost identical to some Bobbi Brown shadows I have, and the third one, Mirage, is not listed as limited.

Anyway, here is the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 911 Ambre Doré.


For Comparison: Or Rose and Ambre Doré.


Top: Ambre Doré, bottom Or Rose. They are in the same family, but Ambre Doré is clearly darker.

And since I was already digging around my eyeliners, here are all Chanel liners I have at the moment:


102 Béryl, 89 Or Rose, 911 Ambre Doré, 104 Khaki Précieux, 100 Santal and 88 Noir Intense.


They are all shimmery with the exception of Béryl and Noir Intense. The creamiest are the new Ambre Doré, Khaki Precieux and Noir Intense. My most used is Santal, it’s such a perfect everyday shade. Second most used is Khaki Precieux, perfect for evening looks.


In the shade.

Do you like colored liners? Which sort do you use the most? I’m such a fan of the Chanel ones because I find them the easiest to apply and they don’t smudge on me.

5 thoughts on “Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Ambre Doré

  1. I agree, the new illusion d’ombre are exactly like Bobbi Brown Nude Beach cream eyeshadows i own. I do love them however but will only be buying two of them and the pencil is beautiful


  2. I’m loving Chanel’s summer beauty collection and recently picked up a couple of pieces. Sadly I passed on the Stylo Yeux in Ambre Doré but I am happy to hear it’s part of the regular collection. Definitely one to go on the wishlist 🙂


    1. yep, according to the Chanel website it is not limited, so you can always come back to it later. 🙂
      I find this year’s summer collection to be a very relaxed one, lovely colors and easy to apply. what’s not to love? I’m currently trying to not pick up any more, haha.


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