YSL Palette City Drive Arty

YSL Palette City Drive Arty


More discontinued palettes, yay! Today I’ll show you my swatches from the YSL City Drive Arty, a Wet & Dry Palette from last fall. By now, all of the old quads and quints have been replaced by YSL’s new quints, which look pretty awesome, but I don’t have any.


Originally I picked this up for the Chartreuse. Recently I dug it out because I had a conversation with Mirifique Beauty about how blue eyeshadow on pale skin and blue eyes just does not work. And it kept me wondering, does it never work?

This palette offers a silvery pale grey, a dark one, a bright acid green and a cold, dark blue.


Swatches! The green is well pigmented and the least shimmery, the silver is just like foil, the charcoal is better than it looks here because I clumsily applied it with my pinky finger. It’s really smooth and pigmented. The worst in this quad is the blue, it’s less pigmented and harder to apply than the rest. I had to use more swipes than for the others to get it to show up like this.


So, this sounds like it was not the best palette to try experimenting with blue because it’s less pigmented than the other colors. However, using it on my lid together with the greys I liked the result (no pics because it was late at night and everything turned out dark and blurry). Basically the blue turned out so greyish that I think it worked. After that I tried a different blue, a mid tone which was much warmer and it turned out terrible.

The green in this palette is amazing. I mean green does make my eyes look grey, but I don’t care. /biased

All in all, this is the palette to reach for when pretending to be an android. That silverrr!

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