MAC Eye Makeup

MAC Eye Makeup


To shake things up, instead of my usual squiggly lines on my arm, here you see my beloved MAC gel liner in Blacktrack in its natural habitat.

Brow: Brow Powder in Omega and that’s how my brows naturally grow. I look perpetually angry. I also don’t pluck them anymore (I used to try soften the arch)

Lid: Paint Pot in Stormy Pink. Applied all over lid and crease and also underneath. I’m not wearing eyeliner underneath, it’s only this shadow and possibly some smeared mascara.

Liner: Fluidline in Blacktrack on top. There was still some flesh visible, so I tightlined upwards with a MAC pencil in Black.

Mascara: False Lashes Mascara, one coat on the lower lashes and three on the upper lashes. This mascara is perfect for several coats, because it doesn’t clump. It’s a little crumbly, though.

under eye concealer: Mineralize Concealer in NW 15.


I had my blonde lashes dyed black, which is incredibly helpful with black liner looks. Because I always miss a spot with mascara and it’ll look stupid.


But when they’re dyed black, they look like this! Well, with three coats of mascara on top. (I’m not sure where the sparkle in this pic comes from. Might have been contaminated brush.)

MAC gel liners are great. Once on, they don’t budge. I even accidentally rubbed my eye and it didn’t move (the mascara on the other hand crumbled some). Really hard to remove, though.

The paint pot in Stormy Pink is a great neutral color. Sadly, mine is not very creamy at all. I think it might have been dried up from the start. Or maybe it’s supposed to be this dry, I don’t know. Paint pots usually crease on me after a few hours.


All of these products should be in the regular range, no limited editions as far as I know.


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