Douglas Box of Beauty April 2014

Douglas Box of Beauty April 2014


The good thing about Douglas Boxes is that they are not subscription boxes (in Austria, they are a subscription in Germany) so you can just order one when you feel like and not have them pile up.


The box comes with a coupon for Douglas stores, also some other coupons I didn’t bother taking a pic of.




What is inside?


Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Body Lotion, a 50 ml sample.


Payot Gommage Amande Body Scrub, 25 ml.


A cute mini of Narsciso Rodriguez For Her.


Even cuter mini of Elizabeth Arden Untold.


And as the full size: Acqua Colonia Shower Gel Melissa & Verbena, 300 ml. Perfect for summer, I think.


A Douglas Box costs 10 €, shipping included. I think this April box is pretty much flawless. Pay attention, Glossybox!


2 thoughts on “Douglas Box of Beauty April 2014

    1. Ja in Deutschland scheint das ganz schlimm zu sein. Ich seh auch den Sinn hinter so einem Abo nicht, wenn es so begrenzt ist. Ich hoffe mal, sie lassen das so wie es jetzt ist bei uns. Oft kommt ja bei uns alles wie es bei euch ist, nur ein paar Jahre später.


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