YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush


As promised, a better pic of my new YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush: Lips & Cheeks Soft Matte Color. The color I chose is 10 Nude Insolent. The color range is pretty good, there are strong colors like bright fuschia, red and orange, and more subdued colors like this one.

The color is not identical, but similar to Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge in Blushed Rose. (However that pot rouge gives a shiny finish)


The applicator.

This product is a liquid blush/lip color. That’s not the new thing. The new thing is, is gives a completely matte finish.


Blob of product. I was about to gush over how easy I found it to blend on my face, I didn’t have any trouble with it. But then, as I was taking pictures here, I found it impossible to blend. This blob here stained my arm in this shape. It stained it so much that now, four washes with makeup remover later, it is still visible. This thing has crazy lasting power, but you need to blend at Formula-1 speed.


Blended. There’s still more staining in the middle. I think it was easier to blend on my face because I had a silicone foundation on, while there was nothing on my arm.


Here I applied it straight from the applicator to show how one might wear it on lips. (ignore the blended out stain going on around it, I made that earlier)


The Kiss & Blush can be worn very lightly, in a no make up make up way, or built up a little. But I wouldn’t use it if I wanted solid color, it always blends out a little. It is absolutely matte and I think that makes for an amazing look. It stains like a champ, stayed on my lips even through meals. I mean, after the first meal I had considerably less on, but it never wore off completely until I took my makeup off for bed. It wore off evenly, however it creeps into lines and could bleed on wrinkly lips.

The finish is 100% matte and I found it a little drying. I needed a good balm on my lips and a rich cream on my cheeks afterwards. I guess it’ll work really well on people with oily skin, as it’s mattifying and stays put.

Since it can be worn sheer, I think the very bright colors end up not so scary and really wearable. However, the very light and soft colors may not be very visible at all. That’s why I chose a neutral, but darker color.

I think it is pretty amazing, but it’s one of these products that everyone needs to test on their own skin properly before buying. The color could be off on you, or not show up, it could bleed on you or it may not blend well on your skin. But when it works out, it is amazing!

Verdict: I now want the red and the fuschia.


5 thoughts on “YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

  1. hmm… i use a brush to blend it out on the cheeks, and hadn’t had a problems with it not being even. But that’s a really interesting color you picked! I went with #01 & 04!


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