All Used Up March 2014

All Used Up March 2014

These are my empties for the last month:



La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche: They’re not kidding when they say rich. Suitable only for dry to very dry skin. I could only use this at night, because during the day it would melt my makeup off. Very soothing.



Margot Schmitt Trocken Shampoo: Who designed this thing? Seriously, look at it! The pump also had a way of moving around while I pressed it, meaning the dry shampoo ended up all over the place. Would not buy again.



Balea Volumen Shampoo Lotusblüte + Orange: It always takes me so long to use up shampoo that it is discontinued when I do. This shampoo did add volume and was overall pretty good. Balea shampoo is mostly unbeatable for its price: a 300 ml bottle like this costs 79 cent. While I can’t repurchase this one (discontinued) I will always buy some Balea shampoo.



Alessandro pedix feet heel rescue balm: Smells softly of mint and keeps feet super smooth. When I went for a pedi while using this I got a surprised comment over how well moisturized my feet were. I might get a full size.



Lancome Eau Micellaire Doceur: A repurchase. This is a makeup remover staple of mine and I wish it wasn’t because it is so expensive and it also contains alcohol. But it works and doesn’t irritate my skin. Still, I am on the lookout for a cheaper option. Will try Garnier next.



Marbert 24h Aqua Booster Intensives Feuchtigkeits-Serum: I like that even the 10 ml sample comes with a pump. This is a blue gel that is supposed to give you 24 hours of moisture. It does not. In fact, it does not even give one hour of proper moisture in my opinion. However, my skin is more on dry side and this is an oil-free gel. So while the name might mislead one into thinking this is a product for dry skin, it is not. It is a lot more suitable for oily skin.


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