Juliana Nails 351

Juliana Nails 351

Every time a new beauty related store opens I feel compelled to try their stuff out. The new store in this case is called “Juliana Nails” and has lots of nail polish and nail art supplies. I have never heard of this brand before, but it seems to be more oriented towards professionals, that could be why.

I bought the polish of the number 351, a duochrome/multichrome.


These things are always so hard to photograph. Shown are three coats of polish and no top coat. It already had nice shine on its own. The first coat was incredibly thin and I was disappointed. It looked so pretty on the bottle and invisible on the nail. Two more thicker coats remedied that. It really needs three coats, but then it is ultra gorgeous. The color shift goes from acid green to orange to wine red.


I tried to capture the green here. It looks stronger in real life.


In direct sunlight.


Trying to catch the color shifting in one pic.

Dry time was super fast, at least initially. It was dry to the touch in an instant, but I got little dents and fabric prints on them hours later, so I guess it took much longer to get really dry. The nail polish also bubbled, I’m not sure if I put on the coats too fast or too thick.

The brush is thinner than for example OPI, but the polish applied well.


But really, the biggest draw of this polish is the color and the fact that the color shift is so strong. I also feel that the color looks different depending on light source. It seems more purple red in artificial light and more orange in sunlight.


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