MAC Casual Color

MAC Casual Color

I heard a rumor that there might be new Casual Colors from MAC in the future. In case this is true, I’ll show you the old ones I have.


These are called “Casual Color Lip & Cheek Color“. They are cream blushes. A pot contains 13 ml. My colors are Out For Fun (orange) and Relaxation (pink). They were part of a LE two years or so ago.


I have mentioned both before on this blog, since I use them a lot. I think they finally deserve their own post.


Finger swatches. This is once across with my finger. The orange/coral always pulls red in pictures, and the pink is less purple than it looks here. These are impossible to photograph. I have scrapped a whole cream blush post in the past, because even with shopping the pics I could not get them true to color. However, since I am sure the hypothetical new Casusal Colors will have different hues anyway, let’s concentrate on the texture.

Texture and finish are most comparable to Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. They are certainly not similar to MAC‘s Cremeblend Blushes. You can see in the swatch above that the finish is glossy and it stays like that. Of course, blended out on the cheek it does not look like that, but it certainly does not come to a matte finish like you get with Cremeblend Blushes. I love that, because it gives me glow without any shimmer.


I blended out on my arm what was left on my finger from the swatch. You need only very little for a sheer coverage. It can be built up as well. While I used my finger here, on my face I prefer to use a duo fibre brush. I think those give the most flawless finish. For lips I prefer my finger simply because it is faster than a lip brush.

The packaging is a compact pot with a lid you can screw tightly shut. The texture has not changed in the time I had these. I point this out because I swear that my Cremeblend Blushes, even though they already started out drier, have dried out in only a few months. They are still usable, but noticably different (I can’t pick them up with a brush anymore, need to use a finger. Originally, a brush worked). I think the reason may be the flip open lid of the Cremeblend Blushes. They are also much wider in diameter, leaving them exposed to more air. So, for the packaging, I say Casual Colors are better.

The rest depends on which sort of finish you personally prefer.


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