More Astor Lip Butters

More Astor Lip Butters

The number of my Astor Lipcolor Butters has grown to three, so I’d like to make a little swatch post.


The colors top to bottom: 010 Pink Lady, 012 Unguilty Pleasure, 020 Flirt Natural

The last one belongs to the new shades, which are called “Ultra Vibrant Color” instead of “Color + Balm + Shine” which is the tag line of the old ones. After playing with them for weeks I say there is no difference between the new and the original type. The only difference is that the new ones come with matching nail polish, which I didn’t buy.


Color swatches. I was about to type that the last one (Flirt Natural) pulls a little too brown, but I held the butter right next to the pic and it’s 100% true to color. Flirt Natural is almost a perfect nude on my lips. It might just look a little weird here on my freakishly pale arm.

They are all pigmented (for a balm), moisturizing and with a glossy finish. Lasting power is good (again, for a balm), does not survive a meal.

When I did my first post on these, I got asked how they compare to a Clinique Chubby Stick. The answer is not at all. I am aware they did this type of lip product first, but by now they exist in pretty mch every brand and they are often as different as BB Creams are across brands. Personally, I do not like Clinique Chuby Sticks very much. The originals are not pigmented enough and the Intense ones are drying on my lips. So the reason why I latched onto these Astor ones is that they are NOT like Chubby Sticks (as opposed to a cheap dupe of them).

I am tempted to try the Catrice sticks as well, but I am trying to put myself on a “lippies” ban. So much lipstick, so little time!


(Sometime in the near future I have several Foundation reviews to make. I am still testing through options at the moment. As it is going I might just not buy a new foundation at all and stick with my beloved Diorskin Nude BB Creme. Some of the foundations I’ll be reviewing: YSL Touche Eclat, Giorgio Armani Maestro, Clarins Teint Haute Tenue)


2 thoughts on “More Astor Lip Butters

  1. Oooh like the middle swatch best (at least on your vampire arms ^^) 🙂 Are they “nurturing” for the lips? And do they cover small crackss/wounds? (e.g. when one tends to chew on one side of the lip >_<)


    1. lots of people seem to like the middle color best; it was sold out for weeks back when they were new. luckily they are permanent range and get restocked 🙂
      in my experience the answers are yes and yes. (depends on the color for the last one. the last 2 colors would cover it)


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