Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc

There’s a point at which names just get silly and both Estee Lauder and also Bobbi Brown cream shadows suffer from this. What is wrong with calling it “cream shadow”?

Let me show you one of my few Estee Lauder items, the Pure Color Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc:


Here’s the pot. It contains 5 g of cream shadow, one more than Chanel Illusion d’Ombres.



The inside. This product is truly creamy. Often you get ‘cream’ shadows, yet they feel hard or spongy. But when you put your finger in this, it feels like cream. That almost put me off this shadow. I feared that something so creamy would end up in the crease faster than I could blink.


Swatch in the shade. It is a very subtle color, perfect for everyday makeup.


Swatch in direct sunlight.

Now to my earlier fear of it creasing: I bought it anyway because I planned to use it as a base for powder shadows. But of course I tested it by using this on its own, no base or anything. I wore it all day to work, at the gym after work and into the night. I detected no creasing. I thought it might be a fluke, caused by the light coloring, meaning there was creasing but I didn’t detect it. I have now worn this to work for weeks and I have not noticed it creasing, or fading, or wandering around on the lid!

Application is easy, it takes about a second to apply and blend with a finger. I declare this a foolproof product! This was worth every cent I paid for it. The only possible downside may be the color. It works for me, but it will look different depending on skin color. And I cannot guarantee that other colors in this range will be as amazing, as usual. Pink Zinc, however, I can say is something to behold. Top notch quality. (And no, I receive neither money nor any products from Estee Lauder.)

The color is very similar to Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Emerveille, but less shimmery and more pigmented. In fact I went to the store to buy Emerveille and after swatching every cream shadow available, I chose this instead. There are lots of cream shadows these days. Givenchy have recently launched some and Shiseido has added a lot more to their range. I want them all. *sigh*


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