All Used Up February

All Used Up February

February is a short month and so is my list of empties:


The Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter: The Absinth Butter was not strong enough for winter, so I switched to the strongest butter they offer. The hemp butter has a strong scent. I could live with it, but I would not suggest buying this without smelling first. It takes a while to sink into the skin; but I am not sure if it sinks in at all or forms a film. When I applied this and then washed some fruit hours later, I always had the feeling the cream rubbed off onto the fruit.



Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-in-oil Night: This comes out as a clear, yellow/orange gel. The smell is more fruity and less cucumber (like other Biotherm products). It is supposed to provide overnight recovery to your skin. I think they want you to buy both this and the regular Blue Therapy serum and use that in the morning and this one at evenings. So  I used this every night and a different cream in the morning (the Blue Therapy cream, even, until I ran out). I think it does okay with dry skin, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea with skin that is prone to clogging. Of course, the clogged pores at my chin might have been from something else.

Overall I’d say skip this and use the regular Blue Therapy serum twice a day instead. If you look for something to plump up your skin overnight, the Biotherm Aquasource nuit cream is your friend.



Catrice Infinite Matt Make Up: This was a surprise use-up. From the outside it looks as if there was still a bit left, but when I unscrewed the pump, I found that no, there’s barely anything. It’s only residue here at the side. D: This particular foundation has been discontinued. Catrice have another matt one now, but the colors are different and the formulation too. I liked the old one, it worked well with primer and powder. But I’m not willing to take my chances with the new one, so I am in the market for a new foundation. (Not easy, because few ranges are pale enough for me and Bobbi Brown, who does offer my perfect color match, is out of the run because the foundations contain lavender oil! I think Maybelline Fit me might make the run, as they also have a good color match for me.)


And these were my only empties for the last month. See you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “All Used Up February

  1. Layperson questions, or maybe your wrote it already and I forgot: What is so bad about lavender oil in the foundation…?
    If my hands really act up, I like the “Allpresan Hand Foam” to bits, cotains Urea, though, and the “no fragrance” either is myth or my nose is just weird ^^”


    1. ätherische öle wie lavendelöl sollten nicht in direkten kontakt mit der haut, schon gar nicht mit empfindlicher gesichtshaut kommen, weil sie als allergieauslöser gelten. ich weiß nicht ob das stimmt, aber jedesmal wenn ich eine bobbi brown foundation auf der haut probiert habe, hats mich gejuckt. abgesehen davon, dass es fürchterlich riecht. schon alleine deshalb würde ich mir das nicht ins gesicht tun.

      Urea ist eh ein prima inhaltsstoff.
      @ fragrance: musst du gucken, ob bei inhaltsstoffen wirklich nirgends “perfume” steht. manchmal wird was als geruchslos verkauft, beinhaltet aber parfum (um den eigengeruch abzudecken), und wenn wirklich kein duftstoff drinne ist, kann es immer noch eigengeruch haben, den du da wahrnimmst.


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