The Rainbow Tag

The Rainbow Tag

I was tagged by letstalkcosmetics to do the rainbow tag. 🙂

To be honest, it was harder than I thought it would be. XD

Rules say you need to show something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and in addition something pink and something multi-colored. I think I have mentioned before that I don’t consider indigo a seperate color from blue and also I found that I own exactly nothing indigo-colored so I have made do with something teal and something blue.

Here are my picks:


Make-up clutter!


Red: Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush, one of the few true reds I have. Most of my red lippies lean towards pink.

Here’s a close up, since it vanishes a little in the above pic:



Orange: MAC Casual Color Lip & Cheek color in Out For Fun. These pots of cream blushes were Limited Edition. They are among my favorite cream formulas and I am sad the regular cream blushes are a lot less creamy. This one is a summery color for me, but I have recently revived it for the orange lips trend.


Yellow: I have no true yellow, so you have to make do with gold. This is my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold. I am a huge fan Maybelline, of course I own Color Tattoos. 🙂 I don’t usually talk about them in this blog, because they are being covered by so many others already. I think they have amazing color payoff, are reasonably long-lasting, but are harder to blend than some high end cream shadows. My taupe one was sort of dried up from the beginning, and never worked well, but the gold one is good and still like new two years later.


Green: Manhattan Magic Duo Eyeshadow in Green Intense: Great Quality Powder Eyeshadow. I love green and have lots of green shadow, yet it was easy to pick this one. It’s a perfect duo, I don’t need anything else for a complete look.


Teal & Blue: Sticking these together, since I chose the same item in different colors: These are s-he quick eye stylers, liquid eyeliners with a thin felt tip applicator. Colors are 002 blue and 003 petrol. I bought every available color of these when I went through my liquid liner phase. They are easy to apply, and last pretty well. Sometimes I end up with an additional line on top of my lid, though.


Violet: My highly beloved Baume in Love by Lancome. Is sheer in color, but is a great pick me up on dull lips plus very moisturizing. I think the color name was “A la folie, cherry”?


And the extras:

Pink: Clarins Eclat Minute Blush in Vitamin Pink: This is a liquid blush with lots of sparkle. A fav of mine for rainy, dull days. I think you can see in the pic that I’ve already used up half of the bottle. How often does it happen you actually use up blush?

Multicolored: Sadly the camera didn’t pick it up properly next to the more colorful items, but this is my Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique, the face powder from Givenchy’s Bucolic Blossoms Collection. This was a spring collection two (?) years ago that I went seriously crazy about. I bought everything except for the lipstick. The face powder has yellow, red, lilac and green parts, sprinkled all over. It’s a finishing powder like Guerlain Meteorites and it’s so pretty. It is seriously the only thing in my make up stash that I consider too pretty to use. Although I have used it a few times…


This was my rainbow tag! I tag everyone to do it who wishes to do it! I would love to see your picks.

During this I learned that I don’t have that many make up items in primary colors. While I have dozens of corals and pinks and many greens, there is a severe lack of blues and yellows. Most of my makeup falls into the brown/bronze category. 🙂

… I just realized I didn’t even bother looking at my nail polish! Whoops. In case I get tagged again, it’s going to be about nail polish.

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