My MAC eye shadows (permanent range)

My MAC eye shadows (permanent range)

Going through my dash I was surprised to find I have only seven MAC eye shadows, three of them LE. This is surprising because I find them to be of very good quality. Although in my opinion the permanent ones are better than my LE ones… Anyway, here are my four shadows that are in the permanent range:


Out of all the colors MAC offer, I chose these. I always go for the same kinds of colors. I must rectify this in the future. 😉


The colores are Ricepaper (Frost), Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl), Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) and Charcoal Brown (Matte).


Swatch in the shade: Ricepaper, Gorgeous Gold, Woodwinked, Charcoal Brown.


Swatch in direct sunlight.

Ricepaper is my typical subtle highlight color or all over the lid nude look.

Gorgeous Gold may look yellow in these photos, but I consider it yellow-green. (Everytime people post about rainbow colors I notice I seem to perceive yellow and green differently. I see three colors instead of two: yellow, yellow-green and green. At the same time indigo looks blue to me.) Anyway, this is such an interesting color. It seems to me as if it is gold with greenish shimmer as opposed to yellow with gold shimmer. The official MAC description is dampened yellow-gold. It looks great all over the lid.

Woodwinked is called warm antique gold on the MAC website. I say it’s bronze. It’s a more reddish tinted bronze than some others. For example the Maybelline cream shadow in bronze has less red in. But I totally use those two together. Woodwinked looks great against blue eyes. Out of those four it has the biggest color pay off.

Charcoal Brown is my perfect brow color. It’s matte and a sort of greyish brown, which works perfectly in my brows. My brows are a bit darker than the rest of me (they’re certainly a lot darker than my lashes, curses!) and I like them bold. Other than as brow powder, this works all over the lid for a darker look, or in the crease (with just about any color), also as eye liner. It’s a multi talent. But you can see in the swatches it does not go on as buttery as the others. I think that is caused by the lack of shimmer.


None of these create any fallout, unless I am way too forceful in the pan. They last pretty much all day and night. Creasing does happen if I don’t use a good primer or cream shadow underneath. They work with pretty much any cream shadow, though and will then stay put until removal. Yes I like them a lot and I think I should branch out to other colors, but somehow I never do. I haven’t bought any MAC shadow in over a year… Rec me your favourite MAC shadows, please!


5 thoughts on “My MAC eye shadows (permanent range)

  1. That gold is interesting because I don’t really detect any green in it from the photos – just gold! All of the shades are quite pretty, though. I bet they’d look really nice with my particular eye situation (hazel eyes with dark brows and lashes).

    I own no MAC eyeshadow so I have no suggestions. All my eyeshadow is Urban Decay, Stila, Sephora or drugstore brands. I usually shop MAC for lipstick and that’s about it.


    1. I am starting to think I am imagining the greenish tint. The official description is yellow gold, after all. Whatever the color, I love this eye shadow.

      I think the colors would look amazing on you. 🙂

      I own no MAC lipstick at all. I want some, but I never get around to buy any. The brands you named aren’t available here, sadly (I could order online, but that might open some floodgates – I have too much makeup as is).


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