All used up January

All used up January

Here are my first empties of the year 2014:


ebelin nail polish remover pads: I liked these and already bought them again, sadly the new ones (in black packaging) are NOT identical to these. While I could highly recommend the one pictured here, the new ones are not good. 😦


Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream SPF 15: I might have mentioned this on the blog before. It’s a good skin cream, I like the cucumber smell, but it’s not like the serum. I recommend the serum, but the normal cream is just a cream at the end of the day.


Korres Mandarin Lip Butter SPF 15 in Pink: Originally everything white here was covered with black writing but it wore off. This gives a soft hint of color on the lips. I wouldn’t buy it again. I got the feeling that I’d apply it, and then my lips were dry again so I put on more and so forth. However, my lips are very dry, it might just be me.


anatomicals you need a blooming shower your nose smells rose body cleanser: anatomicals is all about the snappy names. If you like rose scent, this is your shower gel.


Kamill Reinigungslotion/Cleansing Lotion: this is a 2 in 1 product, both cleansing milk and toner. It took me forever to use up! I’m very torn about it. First off, the smell is awful! Really terrible! And it didn’t wear off either I’d still smell it when I was in bed an hour later. So I thought, well they can’t help it, it’s probably without perfume and just what the stuff smells like. But NO! There is perfume in it, and it’s not the last ingredient either! Someone sat down, cooked up this smell and thought it was okay to put in skin care!!! Apart from the smell, it is also hard to use because it is very runny. I got it all over the bottle and the sink.

On the other hand, this is a cleanser with lactic acid and it is really good on pores. It gets all the gunk off. It can be used to remove makeup (face only) but I needed to go over my face several times and then it was too drying. So it is better to use it on make up less skin.


s-he stylezone powder duo


This is a case of almost used up. I wanted to show you the colors as long as I still could. s-he is a cheap brand that gets sold at dm here. If you’ve seen anything by s-he lately, you will know that their packaging is square and has been for years. That’s how old this powder is! They used to have these duos of eye shadows and also of face powders. I think it is pretty useful to have an all over powder plus a bronzer together. The downside of this one was that the powder was loose and the packaging didn’t close tight enough, so if was impossible to take anywhere.


Finger swatches. The darker color makes a great bronzer for a pale skinned person (I bought the lightest duo of course, there were darker ones as well).

The powder is nowhere near as finely milled as expensive powders. It helped a lot to control my nose shininess, though.


These were my first empties of the new year. I don’t know if anyone even reads these posts but they help me track what I use. 🙂


4 thoughts on “All used up January

    1. man sieht bei mir nie ein Bild mit allen aufgebrauchten Produkten auf einmal drauf, und manchmal sind auch die Hintergründe in den Bildern unterschiedlich (in diesem Post hier ausnahmsweise nicht), und das liegt daran, dass ich auch immer alles sofort wegschmeiße, aber davor Fotos mache. Der Post wird dann nur anhand der Fotos rekonstruiert. 🙂


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