Glossybox Österreich Januar 2014

Glossybox Österreich Januar 2014

A new year, a new Glossybox.


A new ribbon, too. The box itself looks different too, tbh I liked the older one better, it looked classier. Now the box is shiny, and instead of just the logo it also has “Glossybox” on it and the shade of pink is more squeaky?


Samples of Calvin Klein Down Town; not the usual spray samples, but three of these things you rip open to smell.


First look into the box.


100% spa by Karmameju: A konjac sponge! I heard good things about these.


Benefit the Porefessional: the tube next to the packaging is NOT the one that came with the packaging (it’s still unopened); Glossybox included a 3 ml sample, I’ve already had a 7,5 ml sample, so you get a review right here (reminds me that I have lots of Benefit products that I need to review).


It looks like this out of the tube, sadly I squeezed out too much.


Spread out it is invisible. It leaves a silicony-silky finish, hides pores and small wrinkles. For comparison, my naked arm:


Yeah, it’s probably not that visible on pics, but the porefessional leaves an unreal finish, your skin looks more like a doll than human. Uncanny. As a primer, it does what it says, it covers pores. Other than that, nothing. It does not make my makeup last longer, it feels a little drying. I guess you should only apply it to areas with large pores, as it’s completely useless on the side of your cheek. Personally, I’m using those samples, but I wouldn’t buy a full size.


La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche: I think I had this in a box before? I’m very happy about it because my skin is being unreasonable and I think this cream helps.


Opticalm Gouttes Bleues: I checked it and the bottle is see through  – the liquid IS that blue! On the one hand, eye drops are a nice idea, who doesn’t get dry eyes sometimes? On the other hand, it’s electric blue and contains mostly flower extracts – a bad idea for someone with allergies.


bebe more Fresh eyes & face cleanser for sensitive skin: I am super on the fence about this. On the one hand, the bebe more cream they sent before has been the worst cream I tried on my face EVER! I have been meaning to write a scathing review for a month. On the other, it looks like the sort of cleanser that I really like.


I couldn’t get a better pic of the ingredients, sorry. There are not too many ingredients and nothing that raises my hackles. But the cream looked okay too and it wasn’t. I’ll keep you updated on this.


And last, the obligatory hair full size. Please take a second to read what it says: Gliss Kur Million Gloss Kristall Öl: Shimmering gloss & millionized light reflexion. Like, what? Did they hire the marketing dude who usually sells L’Oreal mascara?


A look at the ingredients shows that while the color is different and the name is a mouth full, it is exactly like EVERY other hair conditioning product on the market: silicone, silicone, apricot oil. Yawn. Well, alright they changed the argan for apricot, but that’s about it. Not exactly an innovation.


Overall: I like that they put in a benefit product, even if I already owned this particular one. The sponge is a great idea, as well, something not everybody has yet. You can never go wrong with La Roche Posay. The hair products annoy me endlessly. I have a whole drawer of completely unused full size hair stuff from Glossybox. If I unsubscribe, it’s gonna be because of those. Who needs this many, even if you only try them out?

Well, I will se what the february box brings before deciding.


4 thoughts on “Glossybox Österreich Januar 2014

  1. I have been reluctant to sign up for these monthly box services because I worry that I’ll end up with a drawer like the one you have. I cleaned out my bathroom drawers a few months ago and I have been doing my best to keep them from getting cluttered up again. I’m not sure the opportunity to maybe come across a random product I like is worth finding myself up to my eyeballs in more unused product again.


    1. If you don’t want clutter, these boxes are a big no. There is often something you’re not going to use, plus the boxes themselves.
      I’m a little beauty hoarder and I do supply for my whole family by now, haha. When I signed up, it was because I was running out of several products and I had no clue which replacements to buy, Glossybox came in super handy there. The first couple months I could use pretty much everything, only then came this full size hair product trend and I use up maybe one full size a year?


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