All used up in December

All used up in December

A little late, but these are the last few products I used up in the year 2013:


Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Lotion: This comes with a citrus scent. I’m not usually big on citrus but this one is delectable. Yum. It’s also very moisturizing and I am glad I already have a replacement.



MAC Dazzle Lash Mascara: Right after the Clinique one, I ran out of this mascara. I can’t even remember when I purchased it; I don’t think it’s still available? Anyway, I have a funny story of me buying this. I went to MAC and said: “I’m looking for a mascara that doesn’t give volume nor length.” You should have seen their faces!

See, I wanted a mascara for every day work and I didn’t want super va-va-voom lashes. My main problem is that my lashes are blond and as such not visible. I want them black (or at least darker) and that’s it. I’m probably the sort of person that gets used for testing mascara, so the company can boast their result of 50000% more lashes!!!! Because if you compare my before and after, it doesn’t matter if the mascara is any good, from blond to black is always from zero lashes to WOW! Whoops, my thoughts sort of ran away on me. So this product, it coats my lashes black and doesn’t do much else (it was possible to build volume with several coats, though). I liked that, it was my go to work mascara. Crumpling and smudging were minimal.



Balance Me super toning body wash: A shower gel with mostly natural ingredients and a strong smell of essential oils. It’s okay.



Alpienne Propolis Lotion: I know I already sang hymns of the Biotherm lotion up there, but this one blows all of my fav lotions out of the water. It’s a natural product, and consists mostly of bee products; propolis and honey. The smell is godly, not too strong fake honey (unlike for example body shop). It is very moisturizing and was good to my patches that are always dry and angry.It also soaked in pretty fast, not leaving me sticky.

I loved it so much I used it up in the same month I got it from Glossybox. And when I tried to get a full size I found that you can only have it shipped from Alpienne’s website and that the full size costs 50 € plus shipping. 😦 They have a set with this and the matching shampoo and I am highly tempted. I like that their things have few ingredients and no petroleum oil, silicon and such. Top notch, sadly expensive and probably impossible to get in the rest of the world. Sob.



Vichy Liftactiv: a face cream for dry to very dry skin. Perfect for winter, so I used it in december, waiting for winter. We never got winter, but the cream is pretty good. Highly moisturizing; probably too rich for oily skin. I didn’t see any difference in wrinkles, though. I don’t think it has SPF.


4 thoughts on “All used up in December

  1. I used to have the same problem with having blonde eyelashes now I get them tinted black every two months for £7 a go and I can put on any mascara I want for a night out.


        1. the thing about blonde lashes is that pretty much everything that gets them darker is good. 🙂

          which color is best also depends on the rest of your coloring (eyes, brows)


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