Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick

Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick


When the Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick came out I decided to try it. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. I have combination skin: oily T-Zone and dry cheeks, so I used this product not on the whole face, only where I get shiny.


The color is 120: Classic Ivory/Vanilla. Next to the liquid foundation and the powder it looked darker than their 120. But as you can see there’s a paler dot in the middle.


Unblended streak.


And blended. As my face is not as pale as my inner arm, the color works out surprisingly well.

You can easily blend it to light coverage. More coverage might be difficult, as it will look like you piled on makeup, which well, you did. You can see in the shot above that it never covers my blue vein completely, so if you’re looking for full coverage, this might not be the thing.

For the anti shine promise, I was surprised at my first application: my skin still had shine to it; it was not completely mattified. This is the sort of product that wants to battle oily skin while leaving it dewy. I like that, but then my skin is never a huge oil-fest. Anyway, I was doubtful about the anti-shine thing. Four hours later, my nose still looked he same. No more shine than the original dewyness, yay. It lasts about five to six hours on me, then I see the makeup slipping.

In my opinion the best way to use this stick is not to put it on instead of foundation in the morning. I put it in my purse for touch ups and concealing, especially if I don’t wear any powder that day to keep the dewy finish. Application is fast and it blends seamlessly. The packaging is light (I don’t want to carry heavy makeup in my purse) and sturdy.

I wouldn’t recommend it as normal foundation, as I am doubtful it would last a whole work day, especially on skin that is oilier than mine.


2 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Anti Shine Stick

  1. I find foudations on a stick very appealling. Easy to go on, no mess, perfect to carry in your purse. I have been tempted to buy this foundation when I was at DM, but no colour “fit me” unfortunately… Either way, I have dry skin so these might not be for me?


    1. it is very practical indeed.
      I also worried about the color but since it’s sheerer than I thought, it wasn’t as much of a problem.
      I can’t tell you if it works with dry skin, it’s certainly marketed towards oily skin, but that doesn’t have to mean anything. I saw testers at the shops, try it on the back of your hand maybe?


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