All used up in November

All used up in November

As expected I did not have any empties in october. Here are my empties of the month november:


The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Butter: This has been a repurchase. I like that the scent is light, barely noticable. It’s good for the warmer days, but in winter I need something stronger. (100 ml)


Clarins Age-Control Hand Lotion with SPF 15: Another great product, sadly pretty expensive for only 75 ml. The scent is also barely noticable, a huge plus imho. However it left the hand slightly sticky – I almost didn’t notice it, but the black writing on the cap of my chapstick suddenly was on my fingers instead of where it belonged…


Clinique high impact mascara: admittely this is a case of almost used up, but I think it’s going to be a matter of days, so. (Finally I am making way with my decorative products.) The high impact mascara has a huge brush that makes it hard to get to the roots of the lashes without also making a huge mess. Apart from that, it was a pretty good mascara, adding volume and length. This has been a repurchase but I probably won’t buy it again. Not after I met Benefit’s They’re real.


Balea pH neutral Waschlotion: This is a soap-free cleanser which can be used for pretty much all over, face, body, hands. It is very gentle. I would have preferred the packaging to be see through – when I ran out it was a surprise.


And for last: biotherm Aquasource deep serum

This has been very good to my pores, they were not clogged and smaller. The perfect serum would be a combination of this and Blue Therapy. Other than the pores I didn’t notice much change while using deep serum. I didn’t need any additional moisturizer though, which is useful.



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