Dior Forget me not

Dior Forget me not


Pictured: two coats of Dior vernis Forget me not (Spring 2012 Garden Party), no top coat. I love the color. It also smells of roses, which is a little weird at first but you get used to it. The brush is thick and rounded, the sort I like best, however it was not cut exactly. There were stray hairs that were too long. I made a complete mess of myself while applying, partly due to the brush (and partly because I dropped the brush when a loud noise startled me). The finish is more satiny, shiny, but not high shine. I like it better without top coat. I applied a shiny topcoat later and didn’t like it so much. The polish itself is good quality. If the brush had been cut perfectly, it would have been the perfect nail polish.


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