My picks from the OPI 2013 Mariah Carey Holiday Collection

My picks from the OPI 2013 Mariah Carey Holiday Collection

Like the title says, I’ll show you the two polishes I picked up from OPI’s Mariah Carey Holiday Collection plus two more polishes I picked up.

But before that I want to show you the grainy pics I took when I was sorting my nail polish by shade.


The two lines of shame: in the front my green and greenish polishes, in the back my grey and silver polishes. Looks like the start of an extensive collection, right?


And this is the rest of my nail polish collection (minus two browns and two golds and like, one nude). I have a whole lot of similar corals, a few vampy reds (looking black here) and in the back, all my blues.

And that’s it! I have more grey than I can wear, but an absolute lack of true reds, no orange, no yellow, no black, no pink, no lilac! What a sad collection. So I put up a rule that basically says, no buying grey, silver and green. Everything else is go! (Therefore, my nail polish sorting backfired on me. I did it so I would buy less!)


Aaaaand this brings me to today, when I was checking out the OPI stand. I was really crazy about the last Mariah Carey Collection, not so much about this one. Maybe it was simply too big. I picked up the two I really wanted, the only other one I might want is Emotions, the black liquid sand.


On top: Dior 694 Forget me not. This is from the spring 2012 collection, there was one lonely polish sitting around on the counter. And while it’s a typical spring color, it is a) lilac, which I don’t have and b) exactly the color of my winter coat. Planning to wear this all winter. This is my first ever Dior polish, I hope I like it.

Left to right: OPI You’re such a BudaPest from their Spring 2013 Collection Euro Centrale, a much lighter lilac leaning more towards blue, and from the current holiday collection: Ski Slope Sweetie, a white base with lots of golden shimmer, and Warm Me Up, a brownish charcoal with slightly frosty shimmer.No, this isn’t already violating my rles, because it looks way more brown than greyish in my opinon. 🙂

I guess red is just not my color, seeing as there are several in the collection and I still didn’t pick any. Same for soft pinks. Well, maybe I’ll pick some up from the next spring collections… #nailpolishproblems

How does your nail polish collection look? Do you keep on buying similar colors? Do you have a whole rainbow? Do you only have a few which you use all the time?


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