Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie

I caved in and got one of the nail polishes from Chanel’s Fall 2013 collection, Superstition de Chanel.


And then I put it on my toesies.

Pictured: Chanel Le Vernis in 591 Alchimie.

It’s one to two coats; it was patchy at the first coat but I only evened it out, I didn’t paint everything with a second coat. No top coat, since I don’t usually bother with it on my toes. The color is a beautiful golden green with intense shimmer. It is similar to Peridot, but unlike Peridot there is no duochrome at all. It’s also deeper than Peridot.

As much as I love the color, as much do I curse the quality. The brush is thin, the polish either too thick or not enough, it smells of nail polish (most modern formulas don’t). Every time I apply Chanel nail polish I tell myself I won’t buy another one. And then from time to time, a color does me in again. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Chanel Alchimie

    1. I love seeing it on my nails, but I think Catrice and at least one other brand, Maybelline or Rimmel I think have similar colors, so next time I’ll check for a dupe instead.


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