OPI Alcatraz… Rocks

OPI Alcatraz… Rocks


I have been bitten by the autumn bug. This dark blue shade with multicolored shimmer and textured finish is OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks from their Fall Collection.


For comparison, above pic is in direct sunlight, this one in the shade. I used two coats, no top coat. The nail polish is very thick, but workable. It’s also a lasting wonder. Usually the liquid sands hold for a shorter time span than normal polish (because I use no top), but today I am wearing it for day seven and chipping is minimal.


For comparison: the pics where I hold the bottle were taken last saturday, this pic was taken this saturday, exactly a week later. There is minor chipping on the tips, but you can mostly tell that time has passed from how the polish is growing out, not from the chipping. I am impressed.


5 thoughts on “OPI Alcatraz… Rocks

    1. Ich nehme eigentlich immer die getränkten Pads vom DM. Normal brauche ich halt eins für alle Finger, hier hab ich konkret 3 gebraucht. Ich wickel den Finger in das Pad ein und warte einfach. Ich hab Angst, groß zu rubbeln, wegen den groben Partikeln. Ich nehme an, mit acetonhaltigem Entferner gehts schneller aber ich hab grade keinen.


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