Glossybox Österreich September 2013

Glossybox Österreich September 2013

Same old, same old. September’s Glossybox is under the theme of Sugar&Spice. I love both sugary and spicy things and was eagerly awaiting the box and its insides.


Here’s what I got in the box (no box shot this time):


Another 20% off for Bodyshop (and a teaser of what was in the box)


This Syoss ad comes with a code that lets you order a hair dye of choice for free.

There’s also a Glossybox mag and some more ads.


Here we see the sugar of the box: The Bodyshop Honeymania Body Butter. Smells deliciously of Honey. Yum.


The obligatory hair product is Osis+ Blow & Go Smooth. It’s a spray for smoothing down hair and claims to make blow dry time shorter. Does anybody else think this product has a dirty-sounding name? full size.


bebe more Brighten up moisturizer with SPF 10. I used to have bebe products as a teen, I loved the texture. normal bebe products are advertised towards teens, the new bebe more line targets an older demography. Looking forward to try. full size.


Be a bombshell cosmetics eye liner in onyx: sorry for the bad pic, too much black with too little light. 


This is a felt tip liner with a thick tip. I burned out on felt tip liners, this is going to a friend. It’s full size (as eyeliners in Glossybox usually are).


Some squiggly lines on the back of my hand.


Last, but not least: the spice of the box: Aura by Swarovski. It’s a perfume with a distinct spicy note, but not heavy at all. A very elegant scent and it lasts very long on the skin.

Since they really did put a sugary and a spicy product in, I declare this month’s motto to be perfectly fulfilled.

Overall, it’s an okay box, but it doesn’t blow me away. I keep on getting hair sprays and it’s the fourth black liner I got from Glossybox (not even counting liners in other colors). On the other hand, all products are useful, so it’s not bad either.

2 thoughts on “Glossybox Österreich September 2013

  1. Die Glossybox überrascht mich immer wieder – mit meiner Septemberbox war ich mehr als zufrieden. Meine Zusammenstellung war rechr ähnlich. Statt dem Parfum habe ich das neue Serum von Biotherm zum Testen bekommen. Die nächste Glossybox müsste ja wieder bald eintrudeln…ich bin schon gespannt.


    1. Zu dem Serum hätte ich natürlich auch nicht nein gesagt. Ich mag den Geruch des Parfums, aber ich hätts lieber wenn diese Miniaturen mit Zerstäuber kämen.
      Ich bin auch schon total gespannt, was in der nächsten drinnen ist. Das beste an der Glossybox ist ja das auspacken, finde ich.


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