Collective Haul post (including Superstition de Chanel)

Collective Haul post (including Superstition de Chanel)

I didn’t buy all of these products at once, or even in one week, but I’d like to put my newer purchases in one post.

The drugstore products:


Essie for the twill of it, because it is gorgeous (and a dupe for Peace & Love & OPI), a cheap blending brush from Bipa, and Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr lipstick in Beige for good.


Maybelline 14 hr Stay Beige for good (left) and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Luminous Beige (right). Colorwise they are dupes, but you can already see on the bullet that the finish is different.


Top: Superstay, bottom: Moisture Extreme. I may put the moisture one over the other to have lasting power and a slick finish… the Moisture Extreme on its own doesn’t really do much, as it wears off fast.


On to the high end stuff, two new things and two old:



On the left Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in 64 Inspiration, then clockwise Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 85 Secret, Guerlain Ombre Eclat 1 Coleur in 142 L’Instant Fauve and last YSL Dare to Glow in 3 Naughty Pink.



Swatches: Top Rouge Coco Shine in Secret, then Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Inspiration and bottom Guerlain L’Instant Fauve.

I think they go together nicely? The lipstick isn’t the lightest of the Superstition collection, but the lightest was so light I don’t think it’d show up much. This one is already very subtle on the lips. The blush was the lightest available. I was afraid of getting a darker color because they are so pigmented. However it turned out they are very blendable and now I want several other colors too. *sigh* While it is a cream blush, the finish is very matte. There is no shimmer in the blushes at all. The creamy yet matte texture is most comparable to Maybelline’s dream touch mousse in my opinion, only much, much finer. And not a mousse. Actually, I don’t have anything else like that Chanel blush.

The Guerlain eye shadow was on sale and is a very everyday color especially to blue eyes.




Comparison: YSL Dare to Glow and Benefit high beam! Top here is Dare to Glow which is more creamy and gel-like, bottom a dot of high beam, which is liquid.



Blended out. This is not a trick of the light or the camera angle, Dare to Glow really is that much stronger in comparison to high beam! I even added more high beam before I took this picture. Dare to Glow is also much harder to remove (=long lasting) too, which was the reason I bought it (that and it was on sale lol). Most of my highlighters I couldn’t see anymore shortly after applying them, this I can still see after several hours. Dare to Glow of course needs to applied with a light hand or people will think you’re a Twilight Sparklepire. But I love it (so much for using up my Lancome highlighter first).

Colorwise they look similar but not identical; both are very pale pink, but high beam has a cold, bluish shimmer, and Dare to Glow has a slightly warmer shimmer.

And the next and last few items I’ve had for quite a while, to be honest. They were from spring/summer collections I bought on sale.



Shown left to right: Estee Lauder Pure Color sheer matte lipstick in 02 Rock Candy and 05 Demure, Lancome in Love eyeliner pencil in 30 Chocolate Affair.


To the lipsticks: they are my first Estee Lauder products EVER and I am impressed. They are long lasting (comparable to my beloved Maybelline 14 hr Super Stays) but not overly drying. Also due to the thin, sleek design they are easy to apply and you don’t need any lip liner. To be honest, since the name is “sheer matte lipstick” I didn’t think the colors would be this strong. But it is (this explains why all the lighter colors were sold out and only the two strongest were left). There is nothing sheer in these lipsticks, other than sheer awesome.

The eye pencil is nice and creamy. It is brown without any sort of shimmer. Most non-black pencils have shimmer in them but this doesn’t. Lasting power is alright.


Swatches: several squiggly lines with the eye pencil in Chocolate Affair (that teaches me to apply the swatches on my right arm), one blended. Then Rock Candy and Demure. All of these were really hard to wash off again…


That’s it, those are the products I bought the last couple weeks (that I didn’t show already). While it looks like a huge haul, it more quietly accumulated… one here, one there.




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