Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick

Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick

New colors were added to the existing range, and the existing colors were 20% off and so I now own 3 instead of one. I believe this calls for swatches.

maybelline super stay 14hr 001


Top to bottom: Stay With Me Coral (430), Non Stop Red (510) and Keep Me Coral (450).

maybelline super stay 14hr 002


Swatches in the shade left to right: Keep Me Coral, Stay With Me Coral and Non Stop Red.

maybelline super stay 14hr 004


Swatches in direct sunlight: top to bottom Non Stop Red, Stay With Me Coral and Keep Me Coral (I’m sorry for constantly switching the order around)

Non Stop Red and Stay With Me Coral are very similar, no shimmer and reddish-pinky color and very bright. Keep Me Coral is browner and has a little shimmer in, it’s more subdued than the other two. It also my new favorite lipstick. It stays through two meals (sure it gets less but still visible), and at the end of the day there is still enough on to warrant make up remover and the color is more wearable too. Keep in mind that the swatches here are going across the skin with the bullet twice. On my lips I usually wear them as a stain (=applied and blended out with a finger).

Getting the swatches off is a real chore. These lipsticks are truly long-lasting…


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