Glossybox Österreich August 2013

Glossybox Österreich August 2013

Another month, another box! But before I dive into the new box I’d like to add to the last one which had the Emite eye lash curler in it: this is the best eyelash curler I ever had and I never want to use another again!


So what was in the newest box?


Firstly, 20% off on body shop.


10 € off at Nägele&Strubell


Glossybox magazine. I’ve never seen this before. I guess it’s identical to the German one? Anyway, it’s pretty boring.

There was also a Zalando 5 € voucher that I did not take a picture of.

On to the interesting things:


Anatomicals spray misty for me facial spritz. Did not have a facial spray yet, so it might be useful, but I’m a bit anxious about some of the ingredients.


It’s got lavender, witch hazel and peppermint in it (though all of those at the very end of the ingredients, so not very much of it). All of these are potentially irritating. I’ll try it on my arm and see what happens… witch hazel is a good ingredient btw, antibacterial and such, but I always find it too drying.


got2b Öl-la-la, a hair spray with argan oil? I’m not sure what to do with this one. (Argan oil is the very last ingredient in case you’re interested in that sort of thing)


the body shop 100% natural lip roll on in orange: yes, useful. My burt’s bees lip balm was about to run out. I never had a lip roll-on before, I hope it’s not too much of a mess.


The box highlight: Biotherm Aquasource deep serum. The blue therapy serum impressed me a lot, I wonder how this one compares.


Jelly Pong Pong 2in1 eyeliner & eyeshadow: I would have never bought such a 2 in 1 product on my own, but that’s what these boxes are for, right? I liked the jelly pong pong lipstick they sent in a box before very much, so I’ll give it a chance. The color I got is a dark forest green with barely visible shimmer.


Swatch: Two unblended lines and one blended line. Since the color is so dark I don’t think you can tell it’s not black on the eyes. It’s obviously most useful for a smokey eye. When I washed these lines off, they didn’t go off immediately. I didn’t need to wash several times, like I sometimes have to with very long lasting products, but it did last a little. I can’t say anything about wear time on the eyes yet.


Overall, it is a useful box in my opinion. Sure, I keep on accumulating hair styling products, since I don’t really use them and I’m not yet 100% sure about the facial mist, but I think it’s a good box. All products except the Biotherm one are full size by the way. My wish for future boxes would be less full sized products and a little more glamour, though.

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