Matchy fingers and toes

Matchy fingers and toes

Sorry to have been MIA. I had a lot to do lately. To get back in the swing of things, I’d like to show you my current jade colored nails.


Pictured: Butter London Two Fingered Salute and YSL Jade Impérial. Two incredibly awesome colors.


So I put  Jade Impérial on my toenails and Two Fingered Salute on my fingernails. Matchy, very similar, but not identical. Jade Impérial is a creme and a very little bit darker, while Two Fingered Salute has the most gorgeous copper glitter going on. On my toes I wear one coat of color, on my fingers two. No topcoat on either.


I hope you can see the glitter better in this one.

While both colors are amazing, quality wise YSL is better imo. The brush is wide (similar to Essie brushes), the consistency perfect, a one coater. Butter London has a thinner brush and the first coat is streaky. Nothing you can’t even out with a second coat, though.

The YSL polish is a “La Laque Couture”, as opposed to the winter green one I showed before which was a “La Laque”. They have the same amount of product in (10 ml) but you can see in the picture how La Laque Couture is infinitely better than La Laque: It lists the name of the color on the bottle!


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