Lancome Blush in Love, Baume in Love (Spring 2013)

Lancome Blush in Love, Baume in Love (Spring 2013)

These were my two picks from the Lancome Spring Collection:


Look at that lovely packaging. I am certainly in love.


Pictured: Lancome Baume in Love in A la folie, cherry (130, translucent neon lipbalm, moisturizing & comfort), put where the removable mirror would go (you can see the edge of the mirror in the right top corner of the pic); Blush in Love in Pommettes D’Amour (20, gentle and long lasting powder blusher).


Swatches from top to bottom: lip balm; underneath the center part of the blush, then the outer part of the blush and last the shimmery part (the roses)

Now when they say “translucent lip balm” they really mean it. The pink lipstick in this collection is in fact completely colorless. All products in this collection are geared more towards a soft haze than in your face color (with the exception of the eye liners, of course). I really like it, but it’s nothing you would use when you want a highly pigmented product. (I think Givenchy has a lipstick in a very similar color, but pigmented and matte if that’s what you’re looking for – I don’t think I’d dare wear such a color if it wasn’t sheer…) I am very much using this as a lip balm rather than a lipstick – the description of the product is spot on here.

The blush I picked is also the darker of the collection, I wasn’t sure if the lighter one would show up much. I love the centerpiece color the most, but the whole thing swirled together looks lovely as well.

Are you in love?



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