Glossybox Men (Österreich)

Glossybox Men (Österreich)

Hello, my name is Dandygal and I ordered a Glossybox Men because I can.


I’d like to mention that this stylish grey box came in a bland brown transport box, unlike the normal Glossyboxes, which come in a pink decorated transport package. I just found it noteworthy. Now let’s look at this box, packed to the brim in male scented products:


Jean Paul Gaultier “Le male”, tiny sample. This was a fancy packaged extra.


3 Wetter Taft Hair Styling Gel Foam: Full size of 150 ml. I’m sorry but whenever I see 3 Wetter Taft I have to think about the annoying ad with model mama Heidi K.: “Die Frisur hält!” Ugh.


Paul Mitchell Mitch Double Hitter: is a sulfate free hair shampoo/conditioner with a slightly kinky name imho. It contains a little silicone. Sample size.


Eau Thermale Avene Shaving foam for sensitive skin. It’s a men box, it’s gotta have a shaving product, right? Hypoallergen, for sensitive skin, sample size of 50 ml.


Biotherm Homme Total Perfector: yes, yes, yes! I may or may not have ordered this box in the hopes of getting a Biotherm Homme product, but you can’t prove it because I’ll never admit it! I consider Biotherm Homme to be really good and while I may be willing to give all the other products in this box to my males, this one is mine! All mine! Sample size of 20 ml. (Review of Biotherm Homme Aqua Power coming in the next “used up” post.)


Versace Eros: Look how tiny and cute this perfume is! Oh my! Sample size.


Chin Min Sport Spray: It is supposed to help the blood flow to your muscles during your workout. Huh. Sample size.


Overall a pretty good box I’d say. Not something one would need every month, but for a one time box useful. Also I like the color schemes of “men” products a lot. It’s less excitable, more grounded. And I love wearing the occasional male perfume.

Dandygal, over and out.


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