Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites

I decided to call these my spring makeup favorites, they are products I have been grabbing for a lot in the past weeks.


Sorry for the drab lighting, it’s so dull and rainy outside. These are my spring favorites, with the exception of an eye shadow quad that didn’t fit into it anymore and will get its own picture underneath. Top: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac, underneath from left to right: Clarins Eclat Minute Blush in Brown Fizz, Lancome Eclat Miracle, Givenchy Le Rose Relevateur de Liv in LIVely Pink, Chanel Rouge Allure in Precieuse, Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole.


Opened: I am so fascinated by Givenchy‘s lipstick (it’s the pink one here, LIVely Pink – that is not a typo on my part, it’s written like that for those who didn’t get the hint that it’s from a collection for actress Liv Tyler). It does not go on very pink, it’s almost colorless, but it makes your natural lip color pop like whoa! I’m sad it’s my only Rose Revelateur de Liv, there were some pretty awesome lipsticks in the lineup. I don’t even know when it came out, sometime last year or 2011?

Next to it, the Chanel Rouge Allure in Précieuse looks almost tan, but it’s a pale nude color. A perfect nude to me, it may be too pale for others. It’s more lively than my Rouge Coco in Superstition, though, more orange than that one and with multicolored shimmer. This and the Chanel blush are the only items here that are actually from Spring 2013 collections.

Above, please excuse how messy it looks and that I cut off the applicator in this pic, is Clarins Eclat Minute blush in Brown Fizz. It it from Clarins Spring 2012 collection. Regular Readers know I was all over this collection, I also own the other two liquid blushes that came in it. In winter I mostly wore Vitamin Pink or Coral Tonic, but now I like to pretend I’ve been a little sunkissed and wear Brown Fizz instead. The liquid blush (well with this color it’s more a liquid bronzer really) can be blended with fingers very well, and can be applied very light, so it does not look off on pale skin. It is very sparkly though so I wouldn’t wear it in direct sunlight. It’s my rainy day savior, when I want to pretend that it has been sunny before.

Next to it is Lancome‘s Eclat Miracle. This is a liquid highlighter, a very subtle one though. While I do use it all year, I had somehow forgotten about it and only recently started using it again, which is why it’s on this list. This is in the permanent range.



Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Cool Lilac: I am such a fan of the long wear cream shadows, and I am planning to make a swatch post of those I own. This color is a wake me up sort of color, a pale lilac with soft purple shimmer. Very spring blossom. It’s in the permanent range.


Chanel‘s Joues Contraste in Frivole, from the Spring 2013 Collection. I find this to be the perfect coral powder blush, all other coral powders can go home. I need no other. It can be applied lightly or stronger. The only cons in this product are the smell and the brush. Luckily the brush can easily be ignored, the scent not so much. Roses, blahrg. 😦


Last, the quad I couldn’t work into the first picture: Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux – Quatuor in Bucolic Blossoms. This was Givenchy’s 2012 Spring Collection and I went a little crazy with it; I also bought the face powder and the powder blush. The eye shadows I used the most though.


You can see I use some colors more than others, but I do like all of them, they are just so spring-y, and the brown is so very universal, I use it in most looks and also on my brows.


So these are the products I used lately, excluded those that I use all year round anyway. My skin care routine and such does not really change in spring so it’s a makeup only post. No swatches because in the current bad light the colors came out wrong, sorry.


4 thoughts on “Spring Favorites

    1. I am planning to do a swatch post of all my Bobbi Brown cream shadows and maybe another post with comparisons to other cream shadows I own… 🙂


    1. I don’t have many Givenchy products but I like the quality of those I have. The face powders are nice, you can use all colors together all over, there’s usually a color you can use as a highlighter and one stronger square. Sadly in my prism the pink square is too light to be used as a blush. But it’s my ‘go to’ powder for travels.


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