Chanel Summer Collection: Rouge Coco Shine, Stylo Eyeshadow

Chanel Summer Collection: Rouge Coco Shine, Stylo Eyeshadow

The ways in which I get sidetracked: I went to buy “Django Unchained.” I still do not have Django Unchained, but now I have a Rouge Coco Shine:


Pictured: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion (467) and Stylo Eyeshadow in Moon River (07). The whole summer collection is so very gorgeous it was hard limiting myself to just two items. But I stayed strong – for now.


Swatched: On top Moon River, brown with great shimmer, exactly my type of color. The other colors in the collection are wonderful, too. Underneath: Pygmalion, a strong pink coral that goes on shiny and sheer, like all Rouge Coco Shines (this is my first Rouge Coco Shine, though). I wouldn’t dare wear this color if it was strongly pigmented I think but like this it’s perfect.


Comparison: Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow and Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick

Chanel contains 1,4 g product, Bobbi Brown 1,6 g. The price depends on where you buy it, but Chanel is about 4 € cheaper.


Bobbi Brown comes with a straight tip and a rounded stick, Chanel’s product has a slope. You can see I wore my Bobbi Brown stick down to a similar slope, so I think Chanel’s is going to be easy to use.

I haven’t worn the eye shadow yet so I can’t tell you how well it lasts.

What are your thoughts on Chanel’s Summer Collection? Any must-haves?


The last thing I picked up today is not by Chanel, but L’oréal: Confetti Top Coat. A black and white glitter top, omg! It looks so indies! But with this polish I put a nail polish spending ban on myself: I am not allowed to buy anymore polish until I at least managed to swatch most of my stash for this blog.

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