Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Glossybox Österreich April 2013

Believe it or not, but I received my Glossybox for April this morning! 😐

I’ll still make a post for it even though it’s so late, because my blog keeps on being hit by the search term “Glossybox April”. So here it is:



Balance Me super toning body wash: never heard of this brand, interested to try out.


Modelco Eyeshadow duo palette in bronzed goddess: I immediately put it on today, and was not amused at first when I tried to take the eyeshadow with my Bobbi Brown shadow brush – and it wouldn’t go on the brush. It was impossible to get it on the lid with a brush. Then I tried it with my finger and it was like a revelation! It goes on super pigmented and creamy. I put the light one on my lid (on top of primer) and the darker in the crease. The colors are gorgeous, and they stayed all day with minimal creasing. This duo is certainly a winner and I can take it for travels without having to bother with packing brushes. (full size)


Bama Gel Pads: useful (full size; 1 pair)


Alessandro pedix feet heel rescue balm: also useful; I just hope it doesn’t smell too much like feet cream.


Gliss Kur (Schwarzkopf) ultimate oil elixir serum: A hair repair serum with argan oil and gold shimmer particles. It can be put on wet or dry hair. That would be useful in theory, but the small print says to not use it on bleached hair and my hair is bleached. 😦 I’m afraid it would ruin my hair/disturb the color job so I’ll probably give it away. That said I love the argan oil trend and want all the argan oil products! (full size)



Diadermine gentle face soap: this looks to be a great product and it can also be used on the body. I usually always use liquid soap, so a soap bar is going to be a new one for me. (full size)


A tester of YSL Manifesto: smells like a typical YSL to me, I mean different from the others but still very YSL.


All in all, a very balanced box with great products and it came in a proper box. If now only they manage to send me a box AND send it in the right month I will be in love with Glossybox Austria again. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Glossybox Österreich April 2013

    1. yes it was kind of annoying, everyone got it in may instead of april, but mine came super late. I suspect it’s because I switched my glossydots for this box so I didn’t pay any money for it. They may have sent me the leftovers…


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